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Oscar Wilde’s After-Dinner Rebuke to his Press Critics

Yesterday was December 27th, the date on which Oscar Wilde set sail from New York to conclude his 12-months stay in America.

So as the year ends, it seems appropriate to examine how Oscar might have reflected on his lecture tour, no doubt weighing the risk he had taken with his literary reputation for the sake of financial gain. In particular, to what extent the  ridicule of the press affected his personal appraisal of the tour.

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Gaul Post

Oscar Wilde Visits Two U.S. Prisons

Ever on the lookout for notable incidents from Oscar Wilde’s lecture tour of 1882, I bring to your attention to the hitherto unnoticed occurrence of Oscar’s visits to TWO American state prisons within the space of three days.

Can Opener

As I noted on this page, Oscar Wilde visited the State Penitentiary near Lincoln, Nebraska on the day of his lecture there on April 24, 1882. This event was picked up by the Paris Review in a recent article in which they said it was “the first time Oscar Wilde saw the inside of a prison”. I can now correct that assertion by two days.

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