Wilde on the Borders


Wilde Event | Niagara University

Wilde on the Borders: Symposium, Theatre, and Art
April 2, 2016, Niagara University, N.Y.

Located just four miles north of Niagara Falls, N.Y., along the U.S./Canadian border, Niagara University announces “Wilde on the Borders”, a day of lively academic discussions hosted by the English department which celebrates Wilde’s complexity through the forms he expressed: essays, theatre and art.

Symposium topics will include discussions by Wilde scholars from across the country and include themes such as identity formation in a cultural context; Wilde as a personal and social muse; Salome and ‘the Other’ in religious ritual; social class and the gothic novel; morality and the Wilde trials; Wilde and contemporary literary studies; among others.

There will be a performance of Lady Windermere’s Fan, the inaugural production by Niagara University’s acclaimed theatre department in the Leary Theatre.

In addition, the Castellani Art Museum (CAM) of Niagara University will feature two exhibitions Wilde at the Falls: Touring the Falls with Oscar Wilde which pairs notable quotations from Wilde with selections from CAM’s own Charles Rand Penney Historical Niagara Falls Print Collection. Also on view through May 29, 2016, will be selections from the CAM’s permanent collection of late 19th- and early 20th-century American and European landscapes.

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