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Vyvyan Holland


Declaring nothing apropos (except astonishment) I send some America footage I recently discovered of Oscar Wilde’s son Vyvyan Holland.

It is in the form of a TV interview alongside Brian Reade, curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum, during a segment on the CBS TV arts program Camera Three about a V&A Aubrey Beardsley exhibition which had transferred to New York’s (then-named) Gallery of Modern Art.

The rare TV showing was a opportunity for Vyvyan to rival his more media savvy wife, Dorothy, who had made her latest appearance on American TV earlier in the month discussing fashion on the ABC show Girl Talk.

It provides a chance to see Vyvyan’s unassuming manner as he reveals personal experiences such as shooting moose and witnessing a bedridden bearded Beardsley.

I have managed to date this edition of Camera Three: it aired at 11:00 AM EST on Sunday, March 12, 1967. Here is the episode, made just seven months before Vyvyan died in October of that year.

The part containing Vyvyan Holland begins around minute 20.


In this more familiar picture of Vyvyan with his son, Merlin, the facial expression is slightly different from the featured picture.
The Bridgeport Post, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Sunday, March 12, 1967

5 thoughts on “Vyvyan Holland

  1. Ah, the days before everyone had media training. Poor Brian Reade looked like a rabbit in the headlights; by the time I knew him a decade later he had relaxed a great deal. The 1966 V&A Beardsley exhibition was my introduction to the 1890s and it’s good to know that Brian’s confidence that he’d found all the pictures there were to find has been proved spectacularly unfounded.

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  2. Incidentally, the photograph of Vyvyan Holland used at the top of this page is not a cropped version of the familiar picture of Vyvyan taken with a young Merlin Holland. See updated post.


  3. Holland and Reade’s dry (hard to watch, but had to look) interview – Refreshingly raw, honest and unassuming. The video also reminded me of Beardsley’s artistic courage and influence on art Nouveau and modern artists such as Picasso! Thanks John

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