The Happy Prince


—Watch Sundance Live—

The 2018 Sundance Film Festival gets underway today, January 18th, and making its world premiere is The Happy Prince written and directed by Rupert Everett.

It is the story of the last days of Oscar Wilde—and the ghosts haunting them brought to vivid life. His body ailing, Wilde lives in exile, surviving on the flamboyant irony and brilliant wit that defined him as the transience of lust is laid bare and the true riches of love are revealed. Or so it says here.

The film features Rupert Everett as Wilde and Emily Watson as Constance, along with Colin Firth, Colin Morgan, and Edwin Thomas.

If you can’t get to Utah there will be coverage on the Sundance YouTube channel:

The Happy Prince
is one of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales, so it might seem odd (not to mention confusing for the kids) to use it as the title for a bio-pic of “transient lust.” But I’m sure the producers know what they’re doing: his demise probably has elements of the tale to it. But whether it does or not—if you know either story—there’s bound to be tears.

In anticipation of the movie, read the fairy tale again.

And what better edition to read than the personally inscribed copy Wilde gave to Harry Melvill the year it was published (after one his flings). Appropriately for Sundance, Melvill’s copy is scanned from Utah’s Brigham Young University rare book collection, and digitized here:
The Happy Prince

And remember, as far as I’m concerned, the swallow’s ladylove, the beautiful and domesticated Reed of whom he tires, represents Constance…

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John Cooper

John Cooper is a researcher, author, blogger and documentary historian. As a long-standing member of the Oscar Wilde Society in London, a founding member of the Oscar Wilde Society of America, and a former manager of the Victorian Society In America, he has spent 30 years in the study of Oscar Wilde, having lectured on Wilde, and contributing to TV, film, and academic journals including The Wildean and Oscholars. Online he is the designer, author and editor of this noncommercial archive Oscar Wilde in America, blogger, and moderator of the Oscar Wilde Internet discussion groups at Yahoo and Google. For the last 14 years he has specialized in new and unique research into Oscar Wilde in New York, where he conducts guided walking tours based on the visits of Oscar Wilde. In 2012 John rediscovered Oscar Wilde's essay The Philosophy Of Dress that forms the centerpiece to his recent book Oscar Wilde On Dress (2013).

11 thoughts on “The Happy Prince”

  1. Are you saying that there will be a live stream of the movie itself, or just the red carpet event (or both)?

    Sorry… I’m not familiar with the SOP at Sundance, but I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this release for some time and would be thrilled to not have to wait several more months to get a glimpse.

    Thank you if you choose to clarify. 😊


      1. I’d be shocked if there was a live-stream of the actual movie, especially on youtube. I’d love to see it, but I think I’ll be waiting in line at my local indie movie theater like everyone else.

        Can you imagine if you were Rupert Everett, and you worked hard to write, direct and star in a film starring yourself and a big star like Colin Firth (among others) and then letting Sundance live-stream it to youtube for free? I’d be livid.

        I can just imagine the people who pirate films for shady websites sitting about in their pajamas recording an official live-stream of a movie not yet in theaters.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Live streams of events and interviews, but not actual films. I see a conversation with Rupert Everett specifically mentioned, but am I missing where it saws they are going to live stream a film screening?


      1. John – Your link is what I read and, yes, there will be live streaming of events, like red carpets, Q&A’s, scheduled interviews, etc. But I am not seeing where it says that The Happy Prince–the film itself–will be live streamed. Many of these films either have distributors or are seeking a distribution deal at Sundance. It would not make any sense to put such films out there for live streaming.


  3. On Sundance’s YouTube Channel, the live streams will consist of “Meet the Artist videos, and other exclusive filmmaker and artist interviews.” That does not say Sundance is live streaming feature films.


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