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A Rediscovered Photograph of Oscar Wilde

In my last article I alluded to how the erstwhile sinner, Oscar Wilde, had achieved the exalted air of sainthood. Unfortunately for collectors, with that classification comes the cliché that a good man is hard to find.

And nowhere is that maxim manifested more in Oscar Wilde’s case than in the promised land of lost pictures. On a scale of hardness-to-find, the rarest commodities are gold dust, hen’s teeth, and unseen photographs of Oscar Wilde.

At least that was the case until earlier this year when the happy hunting ground unearthed a little-known, and even less seen, image of Oscar which has now ascended to the canonical next life as Sarony 3A.

For Wildeans, that one discovery would be normally be rapture enough—however, another rare photograph has now seen the light.

It is worthy of investigation.

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